Do Parents make the best teachers? - 365 English Lessons

Do parents make the best teachers?

Do you agree with the following statement: Parents are the best Teachers? Use specific reasons and examples in your answer. When children are young they are exposed to many people, both children and adults, family and non-family, parents and teachers. It is a given that children will learn many things from all of these influences, […]

Do movies influence behavior - 365 English Lessons

Do movies influence behavior?

Do movies influence behavior? Use specific reasons and examples in your answer. Media surrounds us! We see moving images, flashing lights and sounds at practically every minute of the day. A lot of images leave a subtle, psychological image or feeling implanted in our minds. After all, that is the purpose of much of the […]

How to learn business vocabulary - 365 English Lessons

How to Learn Business English Vocabulary

Business English vocabulary is important! And while it is possible to function in business with simple everyday phrases, the vocabulary we use should be a bit more formal and specific to the jobs that we do, or industries that we are in. Unfortunately, improving our business English vocabulary can be a bit overwhelming; there are […]

The 9 things you need when learning new vocabulary

Learning new vocabulary is difficult. Many people use flash cards when learning new words. These are great tools to help you to remember new words, however, they are just a start. Flash cards can give you the near-mother-tongue equal word to help you understand the general meaning. However, learning new vocabulary is difficult because: Not […]

365 English Lessons, are we living longer?

Are people living longer?

In general people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific details and examples to develop your essay. In times past, a 100th birthday party for any one human being was an exceedingly rare event. Indeed, when I was born, my grandmother was celebrating her 88th birthday party, and other grandparents […]

365 English Lessons, do we learn better with or without a teacher?

Do we learn better with or without a teacher?

Some People think they learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think it is better to have a teacher. Which do you think is the more affective way to learn. It is customary today to send children to school to receive expert tuition in both general and specific subjects from a, hopefully, skilled […]

365 English Lessons, speaking a foreign language

Speaking a foreign language is scary!

For anyone, speaking a foreign language is scary!  Believe me, I know.  I have lived in Japan for 12 years now, and still find speaking Japanese very difficult.  But it was not always like that.  When I first arrived, in July 2003, I was very excited at being in a new country, I spoke to […]

365 English Lessons, what makes a good boss?

What Makes a Good Boss?

What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important. When I was growing up, I somehow got the impression that bosses were supermen, with amazing powers.  These people were like super heroes, and they always seemed to be admired by their staff.  They […]

365 English Lessons, nabits of successful students

Habits of Successful Students

As discussed in previous articles the key to success in almost any endeavor is motivation. Motivation results in (hopefully) good study habits. Any teacher will tell you that the only difference between students at the top of the class and those at the bottom is the way they study and process new material. So, what […]

365 English Lessons, why study English?

Why study English?

Many students often ask me “What is the best way to study?” “How can I improve my Vocabulary?” “My grammar is still bad, what should I do?” Unfortunately, the answers I give them often disappoint. They often want a quick fix solution; one that requires little work, or a simple formula/technique that will make things […]

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