Questions & Answers

I have tried to answer some of the common questions below.  However, feel free to contact me using the contact box on the right of this page, I will reply as soon as I can.

How many lessons are there?

Each course has a different number of lessons:

  • The AWL Vocabulary Course has a total of 608 lessons.  However, to make it easier to complete all of these lessons, I have divided each course into 16 lessons.
  • The diplomatic Business English course, not uploaded as of 24th May 2015, will contain about 12 lessons.
  • The Beginner Business Bourse (to be uploaded week beginning 25th May 2015) are uploaded weekly, and are the same lessons I teach with my business classes here in Tokyo.  At the moment, I have 12 lessons planned, but this will probably increase in the future.
  • The Phrases and Idioms course, is a weekly course that will eventually have about 50 lessons, each teaching about 10 expressions.

My goal is to eventually enable you to take a different lesson everyday, so that you can improve your English with regular practice.

It is important that you visit this website regualarly to make sure you do not miss any of the new lessons!

How much does it cost?

At the moment (May 2015), everything on this website is completely FREE!

The first Sublist of the Academic Word List (Part 1) will always be free, however, their will be a small payment for the remaining lessons.

Once the site has enough lessons for a year of study, I will start charging for some, but not all, of the courses.  If you start now, they will remain free for you!

How can I practise the lesson material?

This is up to you! 

However, the golden rule is to practice little and often.

When there are enough students, I would like to have regular video lessons to answer any questions you have about the lessons in the website.

However, each lesson on the website will have a “Questions” section at the bottom of the page.  You can post your questions and ideas about the lesson, and I will respond.

What is the FORUM?

In the FORUM:

  • I will tell you about new lessons, and video conferences.
  • You can tell me about your ideas for lessons, and how to make the website better.
  • You can meet and talk to other students on the website, and help eachother.
  • You can talk directly to me, Ross Harrison, and ask me your questions about English.

Can we meet?

For students around the world, I would like to have video conversations with you when it is possible.  However, please note, I live in Tokyo, so it may not always be easy to have live chats.

For students who live in or near Tokyo, it would be great to organize events to help you to practice your English conversation, and make new friends! 🙂